Himalaya mentat syrup for child reviews

Himalaya mentat syrup for child reviews

Parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) might want to consider Himalaya Mentat Syrup as a natural alternative to prescription drugs. Himalaya Mentat Syrup is an Ayurvedic medication that contains natural ingredients and is believed to improve brain function and memory.

"My daughter was struggling in school and having a difficult time focusing," says one satisfied parent. "After starting her on Mentat Syrup, we noticed a significant improvement in her attention and grades."

Another parent agrees, "My son had trouble with impulsivity and controlling his behavior. After trying Mentat Syrup, we have seen a reduction in his symptoms and overall improvement in his behavior."

Himalaya Mentat Syrup is also appreciated by parents for its natural ingredients and lack of side effects. "I am happy that we found a natural solution to help my child without worrying about harmful side effects," says one pleased parent.

If you are looking for a natural solution to help your child with ADHD, consider trying Himalaya Mentat Syrup and see the positive effects for yourself.

Himalaya Mentat Syrup Reviews for Children

What is Himalaya Mentat Syrup?

Himalaya Mentat Syrup is a natural formulation that promotes brain health and cognitive functions in children. Its ingredient list includes herbs like Brahmi and Shankhpushpi that have been traditionally used to support memory and concentration.

What do parents say about Himalaya Mentat Syrup?

Parents who have used Himalaya Mentat Syrup for their children are impressed with its effectiveness. Many have reported improved memory, better focus, and clearer thinking. Some parents have also noticed an increase in their child's creativity and problem-solving abilities.

  • "I was skeptical at first, but I have to admit that this syrup has had a positive impact on my child's academic performance. She is more confident and focused now." - Maria
  • "My son has ADHD, and we were looking for a natural remedy to support his cognitive function. Himalaya Mentat Syrup has been a game-changer for us. He is calmer and more attentive now." - John

Is Himalaya Mentat Syrup safe for children?

Yes, Himalaya Mentat Syrup is safe for children. It is a natural formulation that does not contain any harmful chemicals. However, it is always recommended to consult a pediatrician before adding any new supplement to your child's routine.


Himalaya Mentat Syrup is a natural and effective way to support your child's cognitive functions. It has received positive reviews from parents who have seen an improvement in their children's memory, focus, and creativity. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself!

What is Himalaya Mentat Syrup?


Himalaya Mentat Syrup is a herbal supplement designed to enhance brain function in children. It contains a blend of herbs that promote mental clarity, concentration, and memory retention.


  • Bacopa monnieri – improves cognitive function and information processing
  • Centella asiatica – enhances memory and learning ability
  • Convolvulus pluricaulis – enhances intellectual ability
  • Mucuna pruriens – improves focus and attention
  • Emblica officinalis – rich in antioxidants and boosts cognitive function


Himalaya Mentat Syrup is the perfect supplement for children who struggle with focus in school or have a hard time retaining information. It is also an excellent supplement for children who are prone to stress and anxiety. The ingredients in this syrup work together to enhance brain function and improve overall mental clarity.

This syrup is also a safe and natural alternative to prescription medications that are commonly used to treat attention deficit disorders in children.


If you are looking for a safe and effective way to enhance your child's brain function, look no further than Himalaya Mentat Syrup.

Why use Himalaya Mentat Syrup for Children?

Effective for improving cognitive function

Studies have shown that Himalaya Mentat Syrup is effective in improving cognitive function in children. Its natural ingredients, such as Bacopa, Centella, and Ashwagandha, help improve memory, attention span, and concentration.

Safe and Natural

Himalaya Mentat Syrup is made with natural ingredients that are safe for children to consume. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or artificial preservatives.

Tasty and Easy to Use

Unlike other supplements that come in pill form, Himalaya Mentat Syrup is easy for children to consume. Its sweet taste makes it a pleasant experience for them, and you don't have to worry about them struggling to swallow a pill.

Trusted Brand

Himalaya is a trusted brand that has been producing quality natural supplements for over 90 years. You can trust that Himalaya Mentat Syrup is made with the same attention to quality and safety as all their other products.


Himalaya Mentat Syrup is an affordable option for parents who want to improve their children's cognitive function. You don't have to break the bank to provide your child with a quality supplement.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Himalaya Mentat Syrup is an effective, safe, and affordable option for parents looking to help their children improve their cognitive function. Its natural ingredients, ease of use, and trusted brand make it a great choice for any family.

How to use Himalaya Mentat Syrup for Children?


The recommended dosage of Himalaya Mentat Syrup for children between 6 to 12 years of age is 5 ml twice a day. For children above 12 years of age, the recommended dosage is 10 ml twice a day. Make sure to consult a pediatrician before administering the syrup to your child.

Directions for use:

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Measure the syrup using the measuring cup provided with the bottle.
  • Administer the syrup as per the recommended dosage.
  • You can mix the syrup with water or juice for better taste.
  • After administering the syrup, make sure to wash the measuring cup with water and dry it properly.


Make sure to check the expiry date before use. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. In case of any allergies or adverse effects, stop using the syrup and consult a doctor immediately. Keep the syrup out of the reach of children and store in a cool, dry place.

Benefits of Himalaya Mentat Syrup for Children:
Improves memory and concentration: Himalaya Mentat Syrup contains Brahmi, which helps in improving cognitive functions, memory, and concentration in children.
Reduces anxiety and stress: The syrup contains Shankhapushpi, which acts as a natural relaxant and helps in reducing anxiety and stress in children.
Boosts immunity: The ingredients in Himalaya Mentat Syrup help in boosting the immune system and protecting children from infections.
Promotes mental alertness: The syrup contains Jyotishmati, which helps in promoting mental alertness and improves brain function in children.

Benefits of Himalaya Mentat Syrup for Children

Improves Memory

Himalaya Mentat Syrup is a great supplement for children as it helps improve their cognitive skills and memory. It contains natural ingredients like Bacopa monnieri and Centella asiatica that have been proven to enhance memory, focus, and attention span.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Children experience stress and anxiety just as adults do. Himalaya Mentat Syrup contains herbs like Jatamansi and Ashwagandha that help reduce stress and anxiety levels in the body, making it easier for children to cope with daily challenges.

Boosts Brain Development

The syrup's ingredients support brain development by providing the necessary nutrients for this process. This ensures healthy cognitive development in children and enhances their learning ability.

Safe for Children

Himalaya Mentat Syrup is made with natural and safe ingredients, making it an excellent choice for children. The syrup does not contain any harmful chemicals, fillers, or synthetic additives that could negatively affect your child's health.

Dosage & Administration

  • The recommended dose for children between 5-12 years is 5ml twice a day.
  • Consult with a pediatrician before starting your child on this supplement.
  • The syrup should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Himalaya Mentat Syrup is a great natural supplement that helps with cognitive development in children. It has several benefits like enhancing memory, reducing stress, and boosting brain development. With its natural ingredients and safe formulation, it is a great choice for parents looking for a safe and effective supplement for their children.



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